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    Puberty Rules-READ BEFORE POSTING!


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    Puberty Rules-READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Post by Maverick on Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:08 pm

    Puberty Rules

    1) Do not post in ("bump") old threads (over 4 weeks old). An exception here is survey and poll threads in General Puberty, which are considered to be bumps after 6 months. The topics died for a reason and you will receive a warning if you bump them. Failure to comply will enact a 3 strikes rule. 1. Warning by PM. 2. Official warning (yellow card) 3. Infraction (red card).

    2) Do not double post (posting 2+ times in a row). Click the "" button if you want to add something unless you are responding to your own question.

    3) Only post if you can contribute to the topic. Please try to make your post understandable.

    4) If you want to post a question, post your own thread unless your answer can be found in a stuck thread or announcement. Do not use another person's thread. Also, please state how old you are. It's hard to help you if we don't know your age.

    5) The only sexual questions permitted, are sex-ed questions. Don't ask for techniques or ways to masturbate or have sex. Don't ask questions about how to masturbate with friends. In addition, do not post stories about sex or masturbation unless it strictly pertains to you getting help. Any types of explicit content is not allowed.

    6) Do not PM anyone on this site about anything sexually related. If you receive a PM asking to webcam, trade pictures, or any other inappropriate messages that you find strange, do not delete the message. Report the Private Message by using () on that particular message.

    7) Do not question a moderator's judgment in public. If you disagree with a moderator, please PM that moderator.

    Cool Threads, posts, and signatures with the sole purpose of advertising instant messaging details and requests for members to PM them are not permitted. This is for the protection of all members. Such threads/posts/signatures will be removed immediately and members who post them may receive an infraction.

    9) Please type to the best of your ability so that all posts are legible.

    10) If you would like a specific gender to reply to your thread, please indicate it clearly within your post.

    11) If a thread is spam or other users have broken rules or if you see an under/overage member, please use the Report Post () button as this is the most efficient way of notifying an active moderator or administrator to address the problem.

    Any member who violates any of these rules will be warned, receive an infraction, be frozen or banned. Posts may be deleted or edited and a thread may be locked or deleted. If you have any questions, PM a moderator by clicking on their username and scrolling down to "Send (username) a Private Message"[center][u]

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