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    FAQ on asking someone out


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    FAQ on asking someone out

    Post by Maverick on Sun Jun 06, 2010 5:03 pm

    There are few things in life are as exciting as the prospect of a new
    relationship. It can be a scary thought sometimes while at the same time
    lifting your spirits and giving you a better look on life. While the
    initial attraction is rarely love, what it has is the promise of love to
    come and that can be very exciting. But the question that remains, and
    is what often frightens us the most, is how to move on from the initial
    attraction to the dating stage.

    The answer is not simple. First you have to be ready to put your heart
    on the line by letting the other person know you are interested. There
    are different ways that you can let the other person know you are
    interested, whether it be in an obvious or subtle way. A good place to
    start is with some innocent flirting. It doesn't have to be anything
    major, maybe just complimenting them, and if your crush seems receptive
    and appears interested, then the next step is to ask him or her out.

    Asking someone out can seem like a big deal, but really it doesn't have
    to be like that. It can be something simple like, "lets eat lunch
    together today" if you want to start off slowly. Or if you are feeling
    more confident or adventurous, you could try something more like, "do
    you want to see a movie with me on Saturday?" Once you have put your
    feelings out there in the open, you will soon know if the other person
    is interested as well.

    If they say "no" it is pretty obvious that they aren't in to you the
    same way that you are in to them. Although this might be a bit
    disheartening and feels like a kick in the guts, it is ok and you should
    not see it as a fault with yourself. Unfortunately it is the risk we
    take in asking somebody out. But you shouldn't let a rejection stop you
    from asking somebody out in the future. Remember, because one person
    doesn't return those feelings, it doesn't mean that everyone else is the

    Sometimes they may answer with "I'll think about it". If that happens,
    don't try and prejudge what their answer will be and try not to get too
    paranoid about it all. The waiting game can be very annoying, but most
    likely your crush didn't see this coming, and they will need time to
    sort out their feelings. The worst thing you can do here is rush them
    into giving you an answer. Ideally, waiting for them to make the first
    move in giving you the answer is the way to go, but if its been an
    extended period of time since you asked them out, then it would be worth
    just casually asking them again. Remember, an "I'll think about it"
    means just that, so you need to be patient.

    But if they will say "yes" then you will have a chance to at the very
    least, to get to know your crush a bit better. The best relationships
    start by being friends and getting to know each other. So take advantage
    of that, you never know where this will lead. Maybe you will find that
    you are better off just being friends? That might hurt a bit, but think
    of it in a positive way, at least you have a new friend to share good
    times with. But maybe you will find that you are both well suited
    together and you end up dating and sharing a meaningful relationship
    together. It's the happiness you have when you find someone to share a
    relationship with that makes this all worthwhile.

    When it comes to the crunch, if you want to date somebody you have to
    ask. Sitting around looking at someone you like and hoping that it will
    come together nicely on your lap will not get you far in the love game.
    Take the chance, remember you have nothing to lose and everything to
    gain. You don't want to look back in the future regretting that you
    didn't get to know a certain person or asked them out. Remember, you
    have everything to gain by asking someone you like out including, maybe,

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